About Laifli

Welcome to Laifli. Laifli is an en-suite Advertising, Entertainment and Lifestyle Creative Company. What do we mean by this? Well, we are investing our creativity, energies and resources into most engaging wholesome experience for every individual. We provide services in these areas and push necessary products in the best interests our clients. Thank you for stopping by. We hope to serve you satisfactorily in the best way we can. Reach us on +234 -[08066100245, 08086533955].


With orientation birthed in engineering, Laifli leadership and follower-ship are true to details in design approaches. Whether in Logo making, Production designs, or other patented inventions, we are up to the task with the right people. We are abreast with most industry standard design tools and workflows.


We pursue highest quality images for our clients. These range from Contemporary forms to the "Classics".


Story telling is priority to humanity. We employ cutting-edge technology to bring your stories to life. - Music Videos - Films - Documentary - etc


Ranges of Flex, Paper, Clothing materials are our canvases for expressing quality designs. Decals and Signages are among such expressions.


Consultations on and sales of Professional Media Equipment and their Peripheries. - Cameras - Audio Mixers - Amplifiers - Speakers - Musical Instruments - Related Accessories


Get your : - Motion Graphics - Movie Titles - 2D story telling - 3D graphics and animations - Character Animations - Stop-motion animations


Our music service deals with: - Theme Music Compositions - Songwriting - Music Productions - Audio Recording - Audio Mixing - Audio Finalizing/ Mastering


Give your brand a face as we take the game to the next level. We bring to life the sparkle of your identity. Tell the world you are uniquely YOU. - Car Branding - T-Shirt Branding - Stationeries - Office Furniture, Interiors & Exteriors - Party Souveniers

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